How to Send an Invitation

Embrasure Space is a closed community. As such, our community is accessible by invitation only. To invite another user to our platform, please follow these steps:

Video Tutorial from a Desktop or Laptop:

Video Tutorial from within the mobile application:

Desktop/Laptop Walkthrough

To send an invitation from your laptop or desktop or any other browser, please follow the two steps outlined below.

Step 1: While signed into your account on a desktop or laptop. Navigate to the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Complete the form and click "send invites"

Application Walkthrough:

Inviting new users to join our platform through the iOS or Android application is easy. Simply, click on the "More" menu icon in the bottom right corner and then select the "Send Invites" tab out highlighted by the images below.

Step 1: Click on our "More" Menu.

Step 2: Click on our "Send Invites".

Step 3: Select "Send Invites" again.

Step 4: Enter the person's name and email address you wish to invite.

Step 5: Customize the subject and body text if you wish. Or use our default settings. Click Send.

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