Using Embrasure Space to Distribute Documents

Embrasure Space can be used to share documents you have created with your colleagues. Traditionally, dentists who would like to share a document they have created on an online forum have resorted to using their personal email inbox. Dropbox and other cloud based file storage applications have provided a solution where a public link can be shared, but these applications allow anonymous users to download the file. For dentists who want to share a document with other dentists, Embrasure Space can be used to distribute the document for free or sell the document for a fee set by the creator while also collecting the user’s contact information and building an email list.

For example, I authored a brief guide about search engine optimization for dentists. When first published, I allowed users to download the document on my blog for free. The blog tracked the number of times the document was downloaded, but it did not track who downloaded the e-book. Now, users can download the e-book on Embrasure Space and I can collect their contact information which will allow me to notify them if I publish a second edition. You can see how the product is displayed on Embrasure Space using the image below:

“What Every Dentist Needs to Know About SEO” is the title of my free white paper. The above image highlights how this product is displayed on

After completing the checkout experience, the user is taken to a page where they can download the document. If users need to access the document again, all they need to do is log in to their Embrasure Space account, click on “My Account” and view their order history. The above image displays the page the user sees after purchasing your document.

Clicking on the blue button will initiate the download of your document(s)

Would you like to use Embrasure Space to distribute documents to your fans? Send us an email to get started.